Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing

Personally, you may not have the inclination to sign up on one of those social media websites. Yet, as a small business owner, you have heard other businesses speak of including social media as part of their overall marketing strategy.

What is Social Media?

Social media can be defined as web-based technology used to generate social interaction.  It allows users to exchange information, ideas, thoughts, and other content such as pictures, video, etc.  Examples are: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc.

Why is Social Media important for small business?

Social media is an effective platform that reaches current and potential customers. It is not just used to keep up with friends, but also to give opinions on just about any topic such as products, services, current events, etc.

It provides an avenue for businesses to:

  • share information - new products or services, sale of the day, exciting news stories;
  • receive questions or feedback from current customers faster;
  • respond quickly to customer questions or feedback;
  • monitor the competition.

The effective use of social media will not only help increase the bottom line, it builds reputation and creates relationships!

Social Media Marketing Services

Site Street offers several different Social Media Marketing (SMM) packages depending on client needs. These packages may include:

  • Developing an SMM strategy
    • Identifying a client's goals and the appropriate social media outlets to use
    • Creating an action plan
    • Evaluating current social media assets for content, and if appropriate, design
  • Brand and Reputation Management
    • Identify ongoing conversations about your product or service and engage your customers directly
    • Monitor industry or trade sites to inject brand messaging and conversation at appropriate times
    • Track online review websites to address customer concerns or promote positive comments
  • Content Development
    • Consultations to discuss ideas about content/postings
    • Monitor news and other media that may be relevant for the client to share or comment on
    • Interact on behalf of the client by posting status updates; replying, on behalf of the client, to comments and posts; leaving comments on relevant blogs or news articles
    • Suggest topics for blog postings to generate viral reach


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