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We were featured on MO.comMO: What initially attracted you to website design?

Jimmy: My path to web design has a much nerdier origin story than most of my creative brethren. It started with learning how to program a Commodore 64 in elementary school to winning the Texas State Science Fair in Computer Science in high school. Once I got to the University, it was a natural evolution to start playing with web design. Sadly, I’m hopelessly color-blind so my first few attempts were painful, even by 1997 standards! That’s when my business really began to establish an identity that separated design from development, visual from strategic. 15 years later, I’ve maintained that belief, having never hired a graphic designer to work on-staff. I strongly believe that the best designers are terrible developers. And you never want a programmer creating your logo.

MO: How have you been able to maintain a small business that provides a traditionally large-business service?

Jimmy: It’s all about personal relationships. Even for my large competitors, clients develop a personal relationship with the sales person or their account manager. Any small business that competes like we do has to excel at developing relationships that last. It also helps that I sacrifice most of my personal life and identity to my work. It’s not even a joke… my best clients do the same thing with their businesses and that shared understanding makes for a very strong bond.

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Site Street worked with me on my website for my campaign for State Senate. A good looking and easy to understand website is vital, especially... on a limited budget. I've had many people tell me how much they like our website... - Kathi Thomas