Site Street’s Cardinal Rules of Web Writing


In the course of helping customers develop their websites and online marketing strategy, the discussion about content is a must. We could produce a great design but that does not keep a visitor surfing around a website. To assist clients, we ask them to keep the following in mind when writing website content:

  1. Simplicity

    Each individual web page or article should focus on a single topic. Break down your overall message into bits and pieces. Then within each article, decide the one sentence message you want a web visitor to really understand… and make that the title. Don’t try to be clever or hide the point… make the point right up front. You’re not writing a novel and there should be no twist at the end!
  2. Organization

    Title, sub headers, images, bullet points, highlighted text (links, bold, italicized, underlined words or phrases), general paragraph text - this is the order that people generally read page content. Give away the ending in the title. Outline the plot with sub headers. Display complex info in graphs or reinforce emotional points with photos. Within each subheader, use bullet points to reinforce what you want the user to actually read. Use links and paragraph text as ancillary data for search engine optimization.
  3. Brevity

    Keep it short. It’s much better to break a topic into shorter digestable pages. An exceedingly long page will scare off your visitors.
  4. Share

    Don't be afraid of giving it away! This is your time to shine! You can and should write about what you do and how you do it... because at the end of the day, if the customers were capable of doing it themselves, they would.
  5. Keep Writing

    But above all, the worst thing you can do is not write at all! A website with little content (or old content) is less effective overall, by nearly every measurable goal.


Many thanks to Site Street for developing and hosting the GROOM LAW FIRM, P.C.web site. I particularly appreciate the simplicity of the content management system and your expertise in search engine optimization. Site Street is a key resource in our marketing success! - Tracy Groom