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Our search engine optimization experience dates back well before “SEO” was a buzz word. Now it seems that anybody who knows what a meta tag is considers themselves to be an SEO guru. But, do they have the background and experience that we have? Decide for yourself.

Service Industry Results:
With well thought out meta tag (description & keyword) modifications and visitor enticing titles, we took an online travel site up from 2nd page on Google to 7th place for the keyword “airline tickets”! The research, creation and implementation took hours yet the results were astounding. For that site the increase in traffic from all search engines doubled, which led to an immediate impact of an overall traffic and revenue increase of 20%.

If you think those results were impressive, just think what we can do if we design a web site from the ground up!

Merchandise Industry Results:
We took the website of a self admitted “b” quality software product and managed a Pay-Per-Click campaign that generated a positive ROI, which equated to an increase in profits by more than 300%. By carefully researching keywords and appropriately selecting bids that were profitable in the short and long term, gross sales of the software product went from $500 to $4000 per month!

After the success of the Pay-Per-Click campaign the software creator let us build a website containing a free online version of the software and related links. With good SEO we got the website to rank on the first page for the primary keywords on almost all search engines. This site doubled sales for the software product, from non Pay-Per-Click visitors, and also allowed for the owner to generate an additional advertising revenue stream.

Content Provider Industry Results:
We took a content based healthcare website to the first page on almost all search engines for its primarily targeted keywords. This was accomplished by not only designing the site for spider friendliness, but by focusing on getting the site listed in all related directories and manually seeking out link partners. The initial effort was time consuming, but in the end the traffic far exceeded the owners expected results. When the owner had to upgrade to a dedicated server hosting plan (and pay a little more for hosting), they were not displeased because the SEO had provided enough quality traffic to insure very profitable advertising revenues.

See what one customer says:

"Site Street has been integral in the success of our new website. In our industry (physician and nurse practitioner staffing), a strong web presence is crucial to success. When searches with pertinent key words are made, we consistently appear on the first three pages of Google, Yahoo, Ask, and MSN, and oftentimes on the first page. The number of visits to our site has grown steadily since we engaged Site Street for SEO of our website. The traffic from our website has secured business for us that has repaid our investment in SEO work many times over. (emphasis added)

Furthermore, Site Street's staff have been a pleasure to work with. They are personable and diligent, and make it a priority to thoroughly understand their client’s industry. They take time to explain how a company can continually improve SEO for their site and offer follow-up services as well.

I would not hesitate to recommend Site Street for your website’s SEO needs. Their work have generated real income for our company, surely the greatest testament to their talent. They would be an asset to any business that relies on a web presence to expand their business.


Heather H. de Anda, COO
Easter Medical Staffing

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